Green Washed Back Pack Shamrock Design Silver

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Product Details
This backpack goes through a washing process. Which means it's basically starts out like our other bags that feel a little bit more structured, but after the washing process they become very very soft and broken in.

Even though the main body of the bag is very soft it still has a structured bottom for sitting on a table, but the rest of the bag is super soft. It has a cinch string and a zippered top along with the magnetic snap on the front flap.

This backpack has a sideways zippered pocket on the back of the bag instead of one across the top for easy access. Along with two more zippered compartments on the front Like all our bags it has plenty of compartments and places to put things.

It features two Straps on the back that are fully adjustable, a handle on the top of the bag.

The measurements for this bag are

14 inches tall
12 inches wide
6.5 inches deepThe hardware for this bag is a silver finish.