Triple Celtic Warrior ® Necklace with Gold Beads

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This Triple Celtic Warrior Necklace has three Celtic discs with an 18K Gold Bead in the center. Experience our Celtic Warrior ® Collection – step back in time and feel the history, culture and honour in each exquisite piece. We at Boru have created a collection that recreates the past and also reflects contemporary fashion.

This unique Triple Celtic Warrior Necklace is a classic and timeless design. We also have plenty of Celtic Warrior Rings to go perfectly with this. A Celtic Necklace like this is the perfect gift for yourself or for the Celtic Warrior in your life.

Celtic Warriors like Chulaunn, Fionn Mac Cumhail and Queen Maeve are inspirational heroes from our past. They influence our songs and stories even today. These Celtic Warriors also carry shields that are richly decorated with Celtic symbols. They represent courage and fearlessness, just like our Celtic Warrior ® Collection.

Our Celtic Warrior ® Collection is inspired by our famous Ardagh Chalice. The Ardagh Chalice is from the 8th century AD and is also one of Ireland’s most prized artifacts. The Chalice is in the National Museum of Ireland. It’s one of the most important pieces of Celtic art.

It’s from the ornate designs of the Ardagh Chalice that we have created our much loved Celtic Warrior ® Collection. The gold filigree on the Ardagh Chalice forms the basis of the intricate designs featured on each piece of our Celtic Warrior ® Collection.

Weight: 6 grams approx.

Width: 2 x 16 mm small discs / 1 x 20 mm large disc (diameter measurements) approx.

Skilled goldsmiths make our Celtic Warrior Collection in our Dublin workshop to the highest standards and then send them to Dublin Castle where they are hallmarked.